Saturday, April 3, 2010

Exercise To Lose Weight Quickly

Exercise To Lose Weight Quickly

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anybody that you are burning more energy when you are standing than when you are sitting, more energy when you are walking than when you are standing and more energy when you are running than when you are walking. That is just common sense.

When you begin your ‘eating healthier’ plan, you really need to include an exercise plan to go along with it. You can only eat just so many fewer calories than you burn each day and exercise allows you to burn more for the time you are exercising plus increase your metabolic rate for several hours after you are through exercising. In addition, vigorous physical exercise causes our brains to produce dandy little hormones called endorphins that lift our moods and make us feel happier.

The one exercise that most people can do and not need any special equipment of place to do it is simply walking. Walking at a brisk pace will just naturally burn more calories during the time that you walk but even walking at a moderate pace serves to burn calories and increases the metabolic rate.

That after dinner walk around the block is better than no walk at all. Any exercise program that you begin should, of course, be approved by your doctor. It isn’t wise to begin to exercise after years of being sedentary without first being pronounced fit enough to do so.

All exercise programs need to be started slowly and increased gradually to prevent physical harm or even just muscles that are so sore that you have to skip the exercise altogether.

Exercising with a partner is preferable to exercising along. Get your significant other or your best friend to join you in a walk during lunch or after your evening meal.

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