Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jamie Oliver's - Food Revolution

If a real food revolution is to be, it can’t happen just in isolation-we must rise up with campaigns across the country where we live, work and play. Jamie's wish is to teach every child about food and to fight obesity. In Food Revolution's six episodes, Jamie travels to Huntington WV to improve the dietary habits of the people there. His arrival is met with resistance by the locals as his ideas of healthy eating are discouraged by a local radio DJ, the head cafeteria cook, the newspaper, and the school principal who urges him to follow the strict government guidelines that seem arbitrary. He discovers a repeated sound that serves as a cue of one of the reasons why the region's health indicators are so poor. As the children line up t o exit the cafeteria you hear thumps as they tap their cafeteria trays against the insides of a trash can and dump pounds of wasted food (mostly the healthy stuff - they eat the junkie foods) and money.

One thing noticeably absent from the first two episodes is a discussion of any role the American food industry and its lobbyists might play in the makeup of school lunches and in the formulation of the guidelines set for them by the Agricultural Department.

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